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You are here: Tour Destination Accomodation The New Laha Resort - Ambon

The New Laha Resort - Ambon

In October of 2009, Maluku Divers hosted divers for the soft opening of the new Maluku Divers Resort. Conveniently located on the shores of Ambon’s best muck diving region in the village of Laha, the new resort is a short drive from the airport.

The facility, built specifically with divers in mind, boasts the most unique and comfortable accommodations in the whole of Maluku. Designed to feature aspects of traditional Maluku architectural history, the concept for the new Ambon accommodation bungalows was to embrace the personality of Ambon, while offering both comfortable and well planned facilities.

Throughout the extended planning of the new resort, design concepts were to build within the natural surroundings, so as to have as little impact to the environment as possible, further developing the Maluku Divers eco friendly message. There was a specific intention to minimize impact to the location and the bungalows have been positioned in such a manner that none of the number of mature trees on the plot had to be felled. The resulting resort is a fusion of design and comfort, apparent throughout cool, bright and airy water front bungalows, each with uninterrupted views to the ocean.

Each individual bungalow is over 60 square meters, with private bathroom and balcony and a large covered private wooden terrace. Within this air conditioned, hot water Ambon accommodation, the Maluku Divers trademark luxury beds and custom made furniture ensure a comfortable and peaceful environment, for rest and recuperation after long and interesting dives.

As further evidence of the design philosophy, built for divers, each bungalow has an individual editing table for each diver to check over images collected during each intriguing day of diving, and to prepare the cameras for the following dive. These camera tables are flanked by convenient charging stations, especially handy for photographers who prefer to work in privacy rather than the large communal camera room.

The new Maluku Divers Resort is undoubtedly the most unique, ecologically and culturally aware accommodation to be found within the Maluku Province. Please contact Maluku Divers to discuss Ambon accommodation options and dive packages, incorporating a new and unmatched level of comfort in Ambon.

Maluku Divers new Resort Accommodation Packages
At the new Maluku Divers Resort, a daily rate of $250 per diver per night at the resort is based on twin shared accommodation. It is a dive and stay package, and includes accommodation, 3 dives each day, three set meals and unlimited tea, coffee and drinking water.

If divers decide to join for an extended stay there is a package rate. For 6 days diving with 7 nights accommodation, with a total of 18 dives, the package is $1,550 per person. Over and above the 6 dive day packages, additional dive days are charged at $237.50 per diver per night. Options also exist for unlimited shore dive packages to take advantage of Ambon’s convenient muck diving.

Lower Budget Accommodations
If budget is a factor, there are options including local homestay and local hotels. These are generally comfortable enough, though very basic. The budget accommodations require daily transfers to and from the resort. Meal provisions are also affected. Inevitably staying at outsourced accommodation will not be as convenient as staying at the new resort, however it does enable divers to experience the island of Ambon on a slightly lower budget.

A Convenient Extension Trip
Due to the convenient location as the travel hub of east Indonesia, with regular flights to Sorong, Kaimana, Manado, Makassar and Banda, diving Ambon can be either a dedicated trip or a convenient and inexpensive add-on to an existing trip further afield.

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